4 Ways Commercial Cleaning Can Save You Money


Why our commercial cleaning prices are cheaper than doing it yourself

The reality of running a small business is that each day is unknown. This rollercoaster ride leads most small business owners look for money-saving opportunities everywhere they can to make sure they stay in the black.

That’s why many small business owners opt to clean their own offices, rather than hiring a professional commercial cleaning service. The problem is that, while it might seem like cleaning your own office will save you some money, it might actually be costing you. Here’s why:

1. Time is money

If you’re spending billable hours on cleaning your office, you’re not spending that time managing your employees, meeting with clients, or growing your business. Even though it might just seem like a few hours here there, over the course of several months it begins to stack up. Plus, this isn’t even taking into account the time spent going to the store when you run out of supplies.

2. Supplies aren’t free

Speaking of supplies, they cost money, and you’ll probably need more of them than you think. Depending on the type of office you’re in, you might need soap, paper towels, surface cleaner, window cleaner, air freshener, brooms, mops, buckets and trash bags. You could also need a large piece of equipment like a vacuum cleaner, which can cost more than $600, and replacement filters.

3. Budgeting is guesswork

Do you know exactly when you’re going to need to go buy more cleaner or paper towels? Since they’re used sporadically throughout the month, probably not. This makes creating a budget for cleaning supplies difficult, and you’ll usually end up sending someone to the store on a moment’s notice with a handful of petty cash.

4. Scheduling can be difficult

Cleaning takes time, and managing this time can be challenging. If your small business is a fast-paced environment, setting aside time to clean when it could be better used for growing your clientele or providing customer service is a hard call to make. Because of this, a lot of cleaning simply doesn’t get done, or ends up being done after hours.

Call a Columbus commercial cleaning service

Luckily, these four headaches have a simple solution.

Instead of spending all the time and money budgeting, buying supplies and cleaning your office, call Two Men & A Vacuum. We’re local, we’re green, and our commercial cleaning prices and flexible schedules will help you keep your office spotless, sanitary and presentation-ready.

If you need a dependable commercial cleaning service you can trust, call 614-300-7970 or get in touch today to inquire about Two Men & A Vacuum’s commercial cleaning prices today.


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