5 Places Around the House You Don't Clean but Should


For germs and dust bunnies, there's no place like home. Your home, to be exact. These unwanted guests like to hunker down in places you may pass by all the time but forget to clean on a regular basis.

So what five places should you pay attention to if you want to improve your Columbus home's cleanliness and air quality and reduce allergens? Let's take a look.

Cleaning House: The Top 5 Neglected Spots in Your Columbus Home

  1. Ceiling fans. Pretty much any hard-to-reach surface should send your cleaning spidey sense a-tingling because these places are dust havens. The top of your ceiling fan is no exception. Once a month, be sure to wipe away the dust and dirt that piles on the blades to keep that debris from swirling around your house.
  2. The fridge. If you're a diligent cleaner, chances are you wipe down your fridge's outside doors and interior shelving every once in a while. But what about the door shelves and bins? The bins where you keep produce can be especially dirty if you forget about that cabbage you bought and it turns into green mush. So spend a little time here to get rid of the germs that breed when food spoils. To clean it, fill a bucket full of water and pour in half a cup of baking soda and a couple teaspoons of natural liquid soap. Use a microfiber cloth soaked in the solution to wipe down the door seams, drawers, shelves, and handles of the fridge and freezer. For more kitchen cleaning tips, read, "Two Men & A Vacuum Conquer Kitchen Cleaning."
  3. Baseboards and vents. Let's be honest: when was the last time you dusted down these things? You don't need to do it often – once a month or so ought to do the trick – but these places tend to collect the dust and debris that impact your home's air quality.
  4. The laundry room. Between the bin overflowing with dryer lint and the laundry detergent congealing on top of the washing machine or shelves, your laundry room may be far from the most pristine area of your home. Regularly wiping down the top of your washer and dryer and throwing out dryer sheets and lint will help keep this area looking cleaner. Be sure to get rid of those old, empty detergent bottles, too!
  5. Appliances / electronics. Though you may use your toaster oven every day, how often to you actually clean it? For many people, simply wiping out the crumbs when they're feeling ambitious is the most attention this appliance gets. But the tops of all appliances – stoves, fridges, microwaves, and toaster ovens – gather dust, food debris, and grease that should be wiped away at least once a month. The same goes for your electronics: the TV at the center of your living room is probably in need of a good wipe down. Though this may seem like nitpicking, the details make the difference between good enough and immaculate.

Feeling inspired? Before you start cleaning, be sure to read, "10 Household Cleaners You Need to Throw Out Today." You'd be surprised how many off-the-shelf cleaners are brimming with dangerous chemicals.

Pro-Tip for a Cleaner House

If you want a cleaner house, try spending five minutes a day on it. Dust the TV. Put away the dishes. The little things add up, and if you have a few minutes to spare, why not put them toward making your home more inviting (and knocking a quick chore off your to-do list)?

But we realize that for most people, time is precious. After a long day's work, the last thing you probably want to do is more chores. There are Netflix shows to marathon, pets to cuddle, and children to care for.

Sound familiar? If so, why not have the best of both worlds? Let us clean your house so you can enjoy a spotless home without the extra work. Book a house cleaning consultation with us today, and we'll put together a cleaning program that fits your schedule and budget.