5 Signs You Need to Declutter Your Columbus Office


Cleaning your Columbus office may not be more important than getting more business or courting clients. But what if we told you the two tasks aren't mutually exclusive?

Fact is that a clean and organized office helps everyone – your visitors enjoy a welcoming space and get a good impression of your business, which can generate sales and revenue for you.

But dirt isn't the only thing you should focus your cleaning efforts on. Clutter can be just as off putting and have a whole slew of unintended consequences.

With that in mind, let's look at seven telltale signs that it's time to clear out the junk in your Columbus office once and for all.

1. Work Output Has Reached an All-Time Low

When the weather warms up, it can be hard to stay cooped in an office churning out work. But clutter makes focusing on the task at hand even more of an uphill battle.

In fact, Princeton University found that a disorganized environment is distracting. Physical clutter literally divides your attention so that less work gets done. That's because the brain processes clutter the same way it does multitasking. In short, it overloads the senses, slowing down productivity and impairing creativity. (Read more about that in "How a Clean Workspace Boosts Productivity.")

If you've noticed that your employees are having a hard time staying on the ball lately, you may have clutter to blame.

2. You Can Never Find What You’re Looking For

If you find yourself two seconds away from donning a Sherlock Holmes cap and pipe just to find a stapler or file, it may be time to declutter. All that hunting around just takes time away from your work.

3. Your Office Doesn't Look Clean After You've Cleaned It

You can dust every surface, wipe down every counter, and vacuum every corner, but if your Columbus office is packed to the brim with clutter, it will still feel like chaos after the cleaning supplies are away.  

4. Desk Drawers Are Overflowing

If closing your desk drawers, filing cabinets, and supply closets is a struggle, then it's time to sort through the junk and get rid of what you don't need. Get some organization ideas in "Office Spring Cleaning Checklist" and "8 Tips to Organize Your Workspace."

5. Your Supplies Have More Space than You Do

It's easy to accumulate work supplies, paper, and materials over time. You may even be reluctant to get rid of some of your outdated supplies or older documents, thinking one day they might come in handy once again.

Alas, it's this kind of thinking that leads to hoarding decades' worth of paper and an evolutionary timeline of old technology. Do yourself and your office a favor and cut these unnecessary items loose once and for all. You'll free up desk and storage space, giving everyone a little more room to do their work.

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