A Closer Look at the Two Men & A Vacuum Product Line


Take a closer look at some of the products in our upcoming line including our Glass Cleaner, All-Purpose Cleaner and Room Refreshers. 

All Purpose Cleaner

Sometimes you just need an easy to use product that works on every kind of surface or mess. So we came up with this secret weapon which every cleaning superhero needs in their arsenal. This all purpose spray is easy on the environment and your health but tough on any kind of dirt.

Glass Cleaner

Finding a glass cleaner that's streak free, provides the right amount of shine and doesn't smell like, well, glass cleaner was impossible - so we made our own. Developed based on experiences cleaning the windows of homes, offices and more, we crafted a eco-friendly, safe cleaner that leaves windows crystal clear.

Room Refresher

Take care of your air! We've all tried those room fresheners that simply mask odors in an overpowering perfume and are packaged in an earth-killing aerosol can. That just didn't fly with our Dirt Specialists. Our Room Refresher is here to clean up your air without dirtying the planet.

Stay tuned for part two, when we give you a closer look at the rest of our product line!

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