Best cleaning tips from a professional cleaning company to tackle Ohio allergies


Don’t let fall allergens get the best of you

Fall is in the air—and with it comes mold, ragweed, dust and other allergens. While you’re busy reaching for another allergy pill, there are steps you can take to help make your space a safe haven from the nasty triggers outdoors. And although you might not be ready to replace all of your carpeting with hardwood like the Mayo Clinic suggests, there are plenty of cleaning tips that will make the air (as well as your sofa, refrigerator and bedding) in your home safer.

  1. Get a grip on mold. Since moisture breeds mold, you’ll find mold in some of the most unexpected places. If you or your family struggle with allergies, it’s important to know where mold is commonly found so you can eliminate it. Clean mold and condensation from window frames and sills, throw out any old food and wipe down (or replace) rubber seals around refrigerator doors. Check the inside of the dishwasher and your refrigerator’s water dispenser. You can even spread aquarium gravel over potted plant soil to help contain mold.
  2. Vacuum frequently. The cornerstone to tackling allergens in your home is eliminating dust and dirt. So whether you have wall-to-wall carpeting, tile or hardwood floors, you should vacuum, mop or steam clean flooring regularly. Interior designer and an ambassador with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Robin Wilson recommends using “a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which captures small particles such as allergens, irritants and pollutants.”
  3. Clean furniture. If you’re in the market for new furnishings, choose materials that are easy to wipe down, like leather or synthetics, and won’t harbor as many allergens. You can also purchase slipcovers for sofas and other furniture which you can easily throw in the washer on a regular basis.
  4. Wash your bedding. Strip all bedding and wash in hot water every month and use mattress and pillow protectors to help control dust mites. Some experts say pillows should be replaced as often as every six months to control mites.
  5. Reduce clutter. Knickknacks, tabletop decorations, books and magazines quickly (and discretely) accumulate dust. Try keeping excess items stored away during the fall months.
  6. Wash kids’ toys. Frequently wash or freeze stuffed animals that your child sleeps with in a plastic bag for 48 hours. This will lower the level of dust mites—major asthma and allergy triggers. You can also protect toys in the washing machine by placing them in a protective pillowcase. To keep children’s toys and games from collecting dust, store them in plastic bins.
  7. Bathe pets. Keep pets out of the bedroom, and bathe them at least once a week to help reduce the amount of allergen in the dander they shed.
  8. Cut down on ragweed. After spending time outside, have your child leave any clothing or sports equipment in the garage or on the porch to avoid tracking irritants into the house.

Call a professional cleaning company

If you or your family face tough allergies, keeping up with the cleaning to make sure your home is safe can be a fulltime job. But here’s the thing—the team at Two Men & A Vacuum loves to clean.  We tackle everything from home to office cleaning. When you hire out our Dirt Specialists, you’ll know your family is safe not only from allergy triggers, but from the harsh chemicals that other cleaning companies in Columbus use.

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