Cleaning Your Home For A New Baby


Your baby is on the way and you are trying to get your home ready for your new bundle of joy. The to-do list can feel endless and making the right choices can feel overwhelming. There’s a lot of decisions you’ll have to make - we’re here to help!

Preparing Your Home For a New Baby:

Choosing and preparing your baby’s room is step one. Babyproofing is step two. But what’s next? So you’ve installed screen doors, covered every electrical outlet and picked the perfect shade of yellow for the baby’s room? Time for a deep cleaning! It will be very important that your newest family member comes home to a clean environment - especially after bringing in new furniture, painting and installing babyproofing. Plus, having a clean and organized home will take any added stress off of an already stressful time for you!

Babyproofing Your Cleaning Products:

You babyproofed your home, now it’s time to babyproof your arsenal of home and cleaning products! Your name brand cleaning products are full of harmful chemicals and irritating additives - these are tough on adults’ allergies and lungs so you can imagine the effects on our smaller counterparts. Try to focus on organic and natural products that are "green" and "nontoxic" cleaners, or products that say, "petroleum-free," "biodegradable," "phosphate-free," "VOC-free," or "solvent-free." These will help your baby avoid allergies, eczema, eye irritation and more.

Our Deep Cleaning Service May Be Right For You!

The products our specialists use are all green, non-toxic and safe for adults, pets and newborns alike. We talk to every client and listen to their concerns and special requests before we begin - so that we can truly offer a customized experience and clean as deeply as we can!

Ready to book a deep cleaning? Or want to give a deep cleaning as a gift to an expecting mom?

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