Did You Know These Allergens Are Hiding in Your Carpet?


We love our carpet. It's soft, comfy, helps the room's acoustics and offers a design element that brings our home decor together. But there is one more thing that we should add to our carpet love list ... keeping it professionally cleaned. Vacuuming every day or every other day is great, but when it comes to taking the best care of your carpet and your family's health, your carpet needs a little more attention. 

Here's why. Think about it. When we walk into our homes, whatever is on the bottom of our shoes is transferred to our beautiful, comfy carpet. Do you have a pet? Our best friends are guilty of doing the same thing. Their little paws come inside and so does the outside dirt and grime. And where do the pet dander and fur go? Right into the carpet. Not to mention when our best friends, once in a while, have an accident inside right on our carpet. We clean it up the best that we can, but residue from the mess and the cleaner we use stay in the carpet. Maybe you or someone in the house smokes cigarettes. The smoke ends up right in the carpet fibers. These are all great reasons to get your carpet professionally cleaned, but there's even more.


Allergens are everywhere. They're in the air, they're in our food and, unfortunately, they're in our carpets. Many seasonal allergens are transferred from the bottom of our shoes onto our carpets and stay there unless they are professionally deep cleaned.


The bottom of our shoes are the guilty culprits again. Mud puddles, sticky gum, dirty sidewalks and so much more find their way into our carpets. The bottoms of our shoes come into contact with so much dirt, grime and bacteria that some say they have more bacteria than a toilet seat. And then we bring it inside and transfer it onto our beautiful carpet.

Mold is a very serious issue, especially if it is living and growing in your carpet.


Mold is a very serious issue, especially if it is living and growing (yes, growing) in our carpet. It can cause health issues like respiratory problems, asthma and allergies. Mold is tricky to remove and professional cleaners should be consulted.

Toxins and Chemicals

Carpet, furniture, cleaning supplies, detergents and other everyday items are made of a host of chemicals and some can even cause cancer! Some of these culprits settle into the fibers of our carpets and can aggravate asthma attacks, allergy attacks and cause other health related issues. 

Dust Mites

Dust is everywhere ... and where there is dust there are dust mites. Although dust is harmless to humans, the microscopic waste of dust mites is and can cause serious respiratory issues especially wheezing and asthma.

So it just makes sense to contact a professional carpet cleaner like Two Men & a Vacuum today. Our expert team will safely remove everything hiding in your carpet. Your home will look better, smell better and you will even feel better.