Dirty Deed: What Your Office Vacuum Is Leaving Behind


There are certain things you must do to preserve sanity. Sometimes, that may mean deluding yourself about the effectiveness of our old, dilapidated vacuum cleaner stored in the office's utility closet. If you didn't trick yourself into believing in its capabilities, you'd have to face a hard truth – your dinosaur of a vacuum cleaner is likely leaving behind:

Plus, it's likely reducing your Columbus office's air quality, which can take a toll on your employees' and visitors' health. Let's explore why it may be time to put your old clunker of a vacuum out to pasture.

A Vacuum's Job: An Inside Look

Vacuums pick up dirt and debris by using suction. The more powerful the suction, the more dirt your vacuum picks up.

However, you get what you pay for in this respect, which means plenty of the vacuum cleaners with bags don't perform as well as their bagless counterparts. Here's why:

  • Older vacuums suck dirty air into the bag, which acts as a filter to catch dirt.
  • Dusty air drifts back into the room while the vacuum is in use.
  • The fuller the bag becomes, the less it can hold, and so more dirt gets left behind.

Emptying the bag can be a problem in its own right. Apply too much pressure and it can send dust flying everywhere!

Most modern vacuums have replaced bags with plastic bins and use filters to separate the dust from the air. However, not all modern vacuums are created equally. The technology ultimately determines the superior machine.

Dyson: A Better Vacuum for a Cleaner Columbus Office

Dyson vacuums take a different approach to suction cleaning by placing emphasis on air quality. These vacuums, which are the only kind of vacuums we use for our commercial cleaning services, ensure that clean air reenters the freshly swept room.

Here's a brief rundown on why Dyson's technology works:

  • Dyson vacuums use a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system.
  • These filters are designed to trap harmful particles like pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and tobacco smoke.
  • Between the vacuum’s HEPA filtration and cyclone technology, it can remove air particles as small as 0.5 micron in size.

In terms of hard numbers, this unique filtration system means that 150 times less bacteria, allergens, and mold are in the air.

In terms of financial impact, that can be the difference between employees staying healthy or calling in sick. To learn more about the health and work benefits of a clean office, read "How a Clean Workspace Boosts Productivity."

Take the Guesswork Out of Cleaning Your Columbus Office

You shouldn't have to plead ignorance when it comes to the state of your office's cleanliness. Let us flex our professional cleaning skills so you can see the difference for yourself.

When you work with Two Men & A Vacuum, you can rest assured that…

  • Your office's air quality will be noticeably better.
  • We'll never use unsafe cleaning solutions.
  • Your office will truly be rid of debris and allergens.

To learn more about our Columbus office cleaning services, book a free consultation with us today!