How a Clean Workspace Boosts Productivity


It may not come as a big surprise that clutter breeds distraction in the workplace. If you’ve ever had to stop what you’re doing to dig through files on your desk, you already know that those minutes of searching are compounded by another 10 minutes of trying to regain your focus.

What may be surprising is that there is a lot of research to back up the correlation between clean, uncluttered workspaces and higher work output. Let’s take a look and see what lessons you can bring to your Columbus office.

Productivity, Your Office, & Your Brain on Clutter

It makes sense that physical clutter can make it hard for you and your employees to focus, manage stress, and take in new information, but it helps to have your inklings backed up by research. Here are some insights recent studies unearthed about how disorganization impacts work performance:

  • Clutter slows down work output. Neuroscientists at Princeton University compared task performances in organized and disorganized environments. The study showed that physical clutter pulls your attention away from your work so that less gets done.
  • Clutter is similar to the negative effects of multitasking. Researchers found that clutter overloads your senses, increases stress, and impairs creative thinking.
  • Stress hormones spike in disorganized environments. UCLA researchers studied families in Los Angeles. Their findings? Mothers are most stressed when they have to pick up strewn belongings.

So what can your business learn from this research? If you want a productive, profitable, inspired, efficient, and low-stress workplace, you need to invest in organizing and cleaning your Columbus office. (Related reading: “4 Ways Commercial Cleaning Can Save You Money.”)

Other Added Benefits of a Clean Columbus Office

In addition to boosting productivity, a clean office can…

  • Convey your company’s culture and values. Clients and visitors only need five minutes to size up your business. Be sure you give them the best impression with an organized and spotless office. For more on that, read, “3 Reasons Why Your Columbus Office Needs Cleaning TLC This Winter.”
  • Reduce work errors. The less searching and fumbling for information, the more focused you and your employees can be on the task at hand.
  • Promote good health. A clean office cuts down on the spread of germs – a key consideration during the brutal Ohio winter. It can also reduce dust and allergens that linger in the air and make workers miserable.  
  • Decrease the risk of workplace accidents. Cluttered walkways and offices can cause employees to accidentally trip, slip, and fall. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, workplace accidents and illnesses cost companies $60 billion each year in lost productivity.

Clear Out the Clutter & Get the Most Out of Your Workday

When you’ve got a business to grow, every minute of the workday matters. Chances are, you don’t have much time to spare on keeping your office organized. So why not let the professionals help out? Schedule a free consultation with us to see how our Dirt Specialists can help your business tap into the productivity of clean, uncluttered workplace.