How Often Does Your Columbus Office Need to Be Cleaned?


We should start this post with a big, fat disclaimer: every office is different, and those differences impact its cleaning needs. We recommend a cleaning schedule that keeps your commercial building inviting and a cleaning regimen that conforms to appropriate standards. We customize cleaning programs for each of our clients. After all, no two offices are the same, so why should your cleaning care plan be a cookie-cutter strategy?

Having said that, these sample scenarios are intended to give you a sense of what professionals take into consideration when they assess your office’s cleaning needs. Let’s explore the rationale behind the level of cleaning service we may suggest when you get in touch with us for a free consultation.

Light Office Cleaning

If you’re a small-business owner who does most of your sales, client interaction, and services online, you may need a lighter office-cleaning plan. Your office may fit into this category if…

  • You have few to no employees.
  • Your business isn’t open to the public.
  • You sell services rather than products.

Scheduling thorough cleaning appointments a few times a month may be all your business needs to stay golden.

Moderate Office Cleaning

Your commercial building may require a little more cleaning attention if…

  • You have a small- to mid-sized office.
  • You have a lot of inventory, equipment, and supplies – things can get cluttered quickly.
  • Organization isn’t really your forte.
  • You have a few employees.
  • Your break room gets used frequently – they are hotspots for germs.
  • Your business gets some visitors, but it’s mostly sporadic.
  • You or your employees do a little spot cleaning throughout the week.

Sound like your Columbus office? A more consistent schedule may be right for you – something along the lines of once a week cleaning that includes floor, disinfecting and organizing.

Mega Office Cleaning

Now we’re getting into exciting territory, dirt-wise. Your office may fall into this cleaning category if…

  • Your Columbus business is large and open to the public (e.g., a retail store or commercial space) or houses a ton of employees (e.g., a corporate office building).
  • It’s wintertime – all that sludge and salt can stain your carpets and floors.
  • Allergens or germs are a big concern – regular cleaning cuts down on both.
  • Your commercial space needs to look its best for clients or customers at any given time.

The more foot traffic your business has, the more dirt, debris, and germs it attracts. Having your office cleaned three to five times a week may be more your wheelhouse if your office fits this category. Your cleaning plan should probably include floor, bathroom, break room, and window cleaning. Remember, your reputation rests on how clean of an office you maintain. 

Welcome-to-the-Danger-Zone Office Cleaning

This may be the level of cleaning your space requires if…

  • You manage, operate or own a medical facility
  • Your business cares for animals or has an office pet (not unheard of, especially in Clintonville).
  • Your business involves caring for children, the most masterful of mess makers.
  • You run a food services business.
  • You run a craft-oriented business (e.g., a paint-and-wine studio), and most days, creative expression is synonymous with otherworldly messes.
  • You’ve just thrown an office holiday party, and you and your employees have a taste for chaos.

Do these descriptions sound like a day in the life of your business? It may be time to call in the professionals and ramp up your cleaning schedule (a wall-to-wall and top-to-bottom approach) to once a day.

To learn more about how commercial cleaning benefits your business, check out our post, “4 Ways Commercial Cleaning Can Save You Money.”

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