How to Actually Clean Your Dirty Basement


If you're like many Columbus homeowners and renters, you may have a neglected basement that is more of a dumping ground than useable space. The Christmas decorations, luggage, seasonal clothes, and sporting gear? All in various stages of storage, usually spilling out of overstuffed tubs or heaped in multicolored piles from floor to ceiling.

Though cleaning this no-man's land may seem like a Herculean task, with the appropriate measures and some patience, it can be done.

Columbus Basement Cleaning: A Survival Guide

Whether you're tackling your Columbus home's basement as part of your spring-cleaning efforts or you simply want to restore usability to the space, these steps can help you free up some room and have a clean, fresh basement that doesn't make you cower with fear!

  1. Sort through your junk. Bar none, this is the tallest order, especially if you've been using the basement as a storage unit. The biggest challenge may be that there's no rhyme or reason to the things you keep down there. So take your time. Sort through your stuff one box or storage bin at a time and make three piles: things to keep, things to donate, and things to throw out. If you haven't used an item in over a year and it's in good condition, consider taking it to a donation center so someone else may get some use out of it. Be ruthless in your sorting, and remember the more stuff you get rid of, the less cluttered your basement will ultimately be.
  2. Get organized. Once you've narrowed down what you plan on keeping, organize your items in a way that makes sense to you. For example, keep all family keepsakes in one bin, store all decorations in another storage tub, and file your old documents in a filing unit. You may want to label your bins or boxes to help you remember where to find these items in the future.
  3. Dust the hard-to-reach areas. If basements have plenty of anything, it's cobwebs. Use a long-handled duster to sweep away those unsightly webs, paying special attention to the ceiling and corners of the basement.
  4. Vacuum. If you have a basement with a concrete floor, you can use a shop vac to collect the dirt and debris. Vacuums pick up more than your typical dustpan and broom will catch. For carpeted basements, vacuum the floors after you dust to remove debris and allergens from your floors. Read more about that here: "Why Do We Only Use Dyson Vacuums? It Means the Difference Between Clean and Safe."
  5. Mop the floor. If your basement has concrete surface (we're looking at you, Clintonville!), mix a quarter cup of detergent in a bucket of warm water. Use a stiff nylon brush to scrub the solution over the floors. Use fresh, warm water to rinse, and shop vac up the excess water once you're done.
  6. Combat the musty smell. For the finishing touch on your freshly cleaned basement, you'll want to get rid of any lingering musty odors. If your basement has windows, open them to let in some air. If not, use fans to improve the circulation and a dehumidifier to remove moisture. For more ideas, read these odor-busting tips.

And now that you've tamed the basement, how about cleaning out that garage?

Basement Blues? Better Send in the Cleaning Pros

We know – no one likes spending a beautiful spring day drudging through a dusty, dingy basement. So why not outsource the extra work when you can?

Our Columbus house cleaning services can cut down your to-do list and ensure your home is a clean and healthy sanctuary. Simply book a free consultation with us to learn more about our custom house cleaning programs.