How to Keep Your Fridge Clean this Summer!


Keeping the fridge clean is always a challenge, especially during the busy months of summer when you’re socializing more and enjoying more cold drinks. Here are a few tips from our top Dirt Specialist Madry Ellis for keeping your fridge clean from any liquid buildups, as you reach in and out of your fridge for your favorite cold beverages.

Try to wipe the bottoms of your liquid containers after each use before you put them back in your fridge. This will help prevent those circle stains you see in your fridge after all the drinks have been removed and you spend your entire Saturday morning trying to get rid of. You can line your drawers with easy to wipe down mats if you know you won’t be diligent.

The Safe Fridge Cleaner You can Make at Home:

If you’re dealing with some serious fridge buildup, mix a vinegar spray solution of roughly 30 percent vinegar and 70 percent water.  Use this to spray and wipe down your fridge shelves weekly to help wipe out those nasty buildups.

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