How To Organize Your Cluttered Basement


We get a lot of questions about organization, especially for hard to clean places like the attic, garage and basement. We talked to Cleveland's Senior Dirt Specialist Garrett Moore about his advice for keeping the basement organized and clean!

"As far as organizing a basement, it's best to find the big pieces in the room that you no longer wish to hold on to. Whether it be that treadmill that's been sitting down there for a year or just some old furniture, if you're not to going to use it simply get rid of it. Also, make sure to wear a protective mask and gloves. When you're dealing with basements, who knows the last time they were even cleaned. It may have been more than a decade. You run into some pretty horrendous stuff in those situations. I've seen houses that will ask to clean the basement and you can't even walk let alone clean. Even if it is 1-2 times yearly, cleaning your basement and ridding of all the unnecessary items, giving it a deep scrub/clean is really essential to keeping your basement organized. Another alternative would be to try storing me some stuff in a spare bedroom that you don't use, an attic, garage. If you like to collect items or have a lot of storage, just try to periodically go through once a season and not have an overflow of stuff."

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