How to Remove Rock Salt from Your Office Carpet


We've mentioned before that winter can wreak untold havoc on your Columbus office. Between the melted snow sludge and rock salt, your office's entrance and lobby may not look much better than a gravel-strewn road after a heavy rain.

What's worse: if left unattended, rock salt can discolor your carpets, causing unsightly chemical splotches on your otherwise pristine floors. And you can't have that. You have visitors and clients to woo!

But if rock salt has already sunk its salty teeth into your carpet, all is not yet lost. Follow these five easy steps to banish those office carpet stains.

1. Vacuum Up the Rock Salt from Your Office Carpet

Ever notice that rock salt never travels alone? Alas, a single piece brings an entourage of pebbly, deicing friends. Vacuum up those offensive, stain-making menaces from your office's carpet. We recommend using a Dyson vacuum – you'd be amazed how much dirt and debris a value vacuum misses.

Plus, Dyson vacuums are certified as asthma- and allergy-friendly, thanks to their Cyclone technology and HEPA filtration, which remove the majority of allergens and particles from the air. To learn more about that, read, "Why Do We Only Use Dyson Vacuums?"

2. Assemble the Rock-Salt Cleaning Solution

So what does it take to bust up a salt stain? Believe it or not, a simple mix of equal parts white vinegar and water does the trick. Simply put this solution into a spray bottle, and you're ready to go.

But why vinegar, exactly? Well, according to an article published in the University of Southern California's journal Illumin, vinegar has several virtues. Namely…

ü  It's nontoxic. Commercial cleaners are incredibly toxic and pretty bad for the environment. Not to mention, they have been linked to asthma attacks, headaches, dizziness, memory impairment, and visual disorders. By contrast, vinegar is safe enough to eat. Whether or not you want to is usually a matter of taste, not of safety.

ü  It's a natural stain fighter. On the pH scale, vinegar has an acidity of 2.5 to 4.0, which means it's tough enough to break up soil particles. We won't get into the science behind why that works, but rest assured, vinegar's acidity is where it derives its cleaning strength.

ü  It's safe to use on a variety of surfaces. From clothing to copper, a vinegar solution can help lift stains and signs of corrosion. Plus, it's safe for use on carpets, too.

To learn more about nontoxic office cleaning solutions, read the post, "How to Pick Safe Cleaning Solutions for Your Home or Office."

3. Spray Away the Rock-Salt Stains

Now that you're sold on the power of vinegar, spray your newly mixed solution on the salt-stained area. If the smell of vinegar offends your sensibilities, you can always add a few drops of essential oils to the solution (e.g., vanilla or tea tree) or infuse the solution with citrus peels.

4. Give the DIY Carpet Solution Time to Do Its Stain-Banishing Magic

Once you spritz the discolored spots in the office carpet, be sure to let the vinegar solution soak in for about 15 to 20 minutes. This gives the vinegar time to break down the particles that cause the salt stains.

While you're waiting, read about other ways to use DIY solutions to combat tough carpet stains: "Soak Up Carpet Stains with These DIY Solutions."

5. Blot the Treated Office Carpet Stain with a Clean Sponge

If you're dealing with a particularly beastly stain, lightly scrub the affected area with the sponge to break up any lingering residue. You can always spray a little more vinegar solution and repeat the last two steps if necessary.

Need a Cleaning Professional's Help?

If your office carpet is taking a particularly bad beating this winter, or if you simply don't have the time to keep your office looking its best, book a free consultation with us today. Our Dirt Specialists know tricks to lift even the hardest carpet stains. Let us design a Columbus office-cleaning program that works for you.