Interview With a Dirt Specialist: Madry Ellis


We at Two Men take pride in our amazing group of Dirt Specialists who truly have a passion for cleaning. We make sure to match you to the perfect Specialist for your needs. We also like to assign you the same Specialist whenever possible for repeat appointments, because we know you don’t let just anyone into your home!

Madry Ellis is a Columbus Dirt Specialist who has been with us from the beginning and says his favorite moment of every session is “seeing the smile on the homeowners face when they see their clean house.” Learn more about him below!

1.) What got you into the cleaning world and how did you start with Two Men?

My first cleaning job was when i was in college doing commercial cleaning. What got me back into it is that I was tired of being micromanaged in my other jobs. Cleaning allows you to be independent. Two Men allows you to be independent and offers a great support system- you can always call on the team and they’re going to help you and get you through it. I responded to their ad on Craigslist and we’ve been off and running ever since!

2.) What makes it a good place to work for?

It starts with the owner Cody. It’s very rare to see an owner with such a super positive attitude. That energy is going to rub off on you-it’s never a drag to go to work or come into the office. There’s never a bad moment- even when things go awry, it’s never negative and it gets handled. The energy makes it a great place to work- they’re always happy to see you at the Two Men headquarters. It makes you want to be positive with the homeowners you meet during a residential clean. You carry the attitude during the clean and afterwards.

3.) What is your favorite part of the cleaning process?

I love to meet the homeowners during the initial clean when they’re thinking of signing up long term. They’re always happy to see us because we’re helping their lives- your home is an extension of your personality and your life. That initial greeting is exciting-I’m always like “new client, new homeowner let’s see what we can do.”

The best of all is the end result when you see the smile on the homeowners face when they look around and see the finished product. You immediately see the grin on their face. It’s a great feeling at the end of the day when you know you’ve done a great clean for them.

4.) Why is it important to use safe, green cleaning products?

Some people insist that you need bleach for a good clean and it’s just not true. With one client long ago, I had an asthma-type reaction after using bleach on a bathroom. Many people have reactions to bleach- it affects the clean too, because you’re trying to do a good job while battling those reactions. Also, if you mix bleach with another toxic product you could have an even more extreme reaction. Bleach also stains some materials and carpets. Why have those worries if you can use products that don’t cause those issues?

I love that homeowners are now saying “let’s go green.” I had a recent client who didn’t want us to use products that would harm her dog. If bleach affect us, imagine what it does for your pets! I used a vinegar solution on her shower-all the scum, grime and dirt came off with no problem and looked just as good as with a product full of chemicals. Plus, green products smell better! 

5.) What are some of the places you find that homeowners miss the most when cleaning themselves?

Crumbs under the toaster are very common. The other universal thing is cobwebs in hard to reach places. Many homeowners don’t have the tools to reach those areas. Underneath the rim of the toilet is a hard one. A lot of people say “It’s hard water, I can never keep the bowl clean.” Once I start to scrub and it may take a couple flushes, but once you do that it can really stay clean. One time I returned to clean a home five weeks later and the bowl was still clean!

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