Is Your Cleaning Company Really Cleaning Your Office?


You own an office or a commercial building and pay for it to be cleaned on a weekly basis. Trash has been removed and office knickknacks have been straitened. But how can you be sure your cleaning company is actually cleaning your Columbus office the way you intended them to?

The following checklist is intended to give you an idea about what you should expect from a thorough office-cleaning program.

Checklist: The Trademarks of a Truly Clean Office

If your current office cleaning company is doing a stellar job, you’ll notice the following improvements around the workplace:

  • Better air quality. Take a deep breath. Notice anything? If your office feels stuffy, smells funky, or your allergies are acting up, it may be a sign that your current cleaning company isn’t dusting and vacuuming frequently enough – or at all.
  • Clutter-free workstations and walkways. Some cleaning companies are under the impression that it’s enough to simply disinfect surfaces and move on. But you know better. Cleaning an office also means cutting the clutter and getting things organized. An organized office makes information easier to find, which measurably improves productivity. Plus, less clutter means less possible trip-and-fall obstacles.
  • A clean break room. A cleaning company proves its mettle if it knows that the office break room is where germs congregate. Check to see if the office fridge is properly cleaned (e.g., old food is tossed at the end of the week, the shelves are scrubbed, and the doors and walls are wiped down about once a month). For more on that, read, “Survival Guide for the Office Refrigerator: Etiquette on How to Get It Done and Not Drive Your Staff Crazy in the Process.”
  • Clean office bathrooms. Your employees shouldn’t have to fear the work restroom. A good cleaning company will account for all the details (e.g., cleaning the mirrors and disinfecting door handles).
  • Empty rubbish bins. If the office trashcans look like a competitive game of Jenga, your cleaning company isn’t pulling its weight. Trash should be collected at the end of each workday to reduce odors and keep the workplace looking professional. To learn some natural odor-busting tips, check out the post, “Two Men & A Vacuum Naturally Remove Odor from Your Home.”

There are also some finer points that can be hard to spot if you’re not a trained cleaning professional. For example, cleaning solutions can be dangerous in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Get the wrong combination of chemicals together, and the result could be fatal. Not to mention, the wrong solution on the wrong surface could cause irreparable property damage (e.g., an acid-based cleaner on marble).

To ensure the safety and cleanliness of your Columbus office, be sure to hire professionals who know what they’re doing and who use safe cleaning agents. (To learn more about green cleaners, check out the post, “How to Pick Safe Cleaning Solutions for Your Home or Office.”)

Get Some Peace of Mind and a Cleaner Columbus Office

Perhaps the most telling trademark of a good cleaning company is their ability to develop a cleaning regimen based on your office’s exact needs. And that’s the personal touch our Dirt Specialists offer. Book a free consultation with us about cleaning your Columbus office.