Summer BBQ Tricks to Make Your Next Party Easier


Summer is in full swing and backyard barbeques are the social event of the season. We all love a good BBQ - but between cleaning the grill, making sure everyone has a fresh beer and keeping the kids occupied, it can be hard to make order out of the chaos. Check out our tried and true grilling tips that will come in handy for your next summer party! 

Three Easy (and Safe) Ways to Clean Your Grill 

  • Cut an onion in half and use it to wipe down the grill. 
  • Ball up some aluminum foil to really scrape away residue. 
  • Make your own green cleaning solution! Mix one part water and one part distilled white vinegar to melt away grill grime. 


Cook Fish On Lemon Slices for a No Stick Filet 

Next time you put a piece of fish on the grill, lay it over several thin slices of lemon. The fish won't stick when you remove the filet. This makes for a better tasting piece of fish as well as an easier to clean grill!


Create a Designated Dirty Dish Area for Guests

Everyone loves plastic plates, but they're just so bad for the environment! If you decide to use non-disposable cups and dishware, make a clearly marked area (complete with a "Trash Here" sign) for guests to leave their dirty dishes. It will save you a lot of time running around collecting dishes. 


Keep Your Drink Pitchers Cold with an Ice Block

It will melt slower and water down your juice and cocktails less. You can fill any sized container with water and freeze it, just run the container under warm water until the block of ice pops out. 


Use two skewers for kebabs

This keeps individual pieces of veggies or meat from rotating when you flip the kebabs! Say goodbye to unevenly cooked skewers.


Chill wine and beer bottles faster with ice and salt water

Need to chill a bottle of wine, stat? Fill your beverage bucket with ice but also fill it with enough water to cover the ice. Add several handfuls of salt to the ice water. Your bottles should chill in under 20 minutes! 


Put apple juice on meat to keep it fresh

Nobody likes a dry burger, but when you're busy flipping burgers you need a quick solution. Keep a spray bottle of apple juice by the grill and spray the meat while cooking it to ensure the burgers are juicy!

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