The 411 on Natural Cleaning Products


There are dangerous chemicals hiding in your everyday cleaning products that can exacerbate allergies, cause skin and lung irritation, bring on migraines and even cause neurological damage. Green and eco-friendly products are now easier to find, though options are still fairly slim. Many people who use bleach and phosphates to clean do not realize the health risks that those chemicals come with. When not using green products it can cause harm to children, pets, the elderly, and people with comprimised health.

Green All Purpose Cleaner That You Can Make Yourself - from our top Dirt Specialists at Two Men & A Vacuum.

This is a gentle solution you can easily make at home. This is great for kitchen surfaces, stainless steel and bathroom surfaces as well as tile and laminate floors.Great on walls too! The vinegar leaves a nice shine and also adds a disinfectant.

  • Take an empty spray bottle.
  • Fill it with about 75% water.
  • Add about 25% white vinegar (4 to 5 percent acidity).
  • Add 3 to 4 drops of dishwashing liquid (preferably a natural brand, but any will do)!


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