The Aftermath: Office Cleaning After Your Holiday Party


Columbus office cleaning tips & tricks

The holidays bring out the best in people and the worst in stains. Whether your company is having a small get-together or an all-hands-on-deck office rave, accidents happen. A plate full of BBQ meatballs will fall. A glass of wine will get bumped. The guy in accounting who has the really amazing dip—yeah, the entire bowl is going to get knocked over. We’ve cleaned enough corporate offices to know you will leave your Columbus office party worse than when the celebration started.

That’s okay. Two Men and A Vacuum is here to help. We happen to know a lot about keeping your Columbus office clean. Here are three tips we’ve learned along the way for immediate damage control after your holiday bash:

1: Getting rid of water rings

A beer, cocktail, glass of wine, or water can cause a water ring on wood. And the water ring is something the boss will definitely notice. To remove the ring, Real Simple suggests you try using toothpaste (not any that is gel-based) and working it into the spot. Let the toothpaste marinate on the stain for roughly an hour. While it’s working its magic, you can move on to other problem areas. Buff the spot with a rag or towel.

2. Wine stains on the carpet

If the wine hasn’t been sitting too long, you can grab some club soda close by and gently pour it over the stain. The reason as to why this works is the carbonated bubbles. As the soda fizzes, the bubbles work through the fabric in the same way your washer washes your clothes. This won’t work every time, but it should be your first option.

3. A microwave that looks like a science experiment

It happens every year—colleagues bring in the food they are contributing to the party and use the microwave to warm everything up. When the party is over, the office microwave looks like something out of an ’80s B-horror film. When this happens use a lemon. Seriously. You can keep your Columbus office clean by placing water in a bowl, cutting a lemon in half, squeezing the juice into the bowl and putting the lemon halves into the bowl, too. Cook on high for five minutes. The steam and acidity from the lemon will cut through some of the nastiest goo you’ll come across. Read more about this process at

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We’ll provide you with all the tips and tricks we know. Email your questions to Cody at info[at]twomenandavacuum[dot]com. And of course, when the mess is at rockstar level, it’s best to call in the pros like Two Men and A Vacuum and get your Columbus office as clean as it was when you first opened your doors.