Tips to Keep Your Office Clean During the Winter


Winter poses unique challenges to keeping your business clean and dry. Snow and ice from winter storms cause problems with wet floors while sand and salt used to melt ice can make floors gritty. Not only do dirty floors create an unappealing atmosphere, but they also create slick surfaces that could cause customers and your employees to slip and fall. Taking care of your floors is important, but it's not the only area of your office that needs extra attention during the winter.


It may be tempting to skip the window washing services in the winter because of frequent storms, but the aftermath of those storms are precisely the reason you need to clean them. Dirty windows look cloudy and reduce the amount of sunlight that comes into the office. This means less natural light and passive heat makes it inside. Natural light promotes productivity and boosts the moods of both your employees and customers. During dark winter days, a boost of bright sunlight from the windows can breathe new life into your business, but that's not all. Sunlight also helps to dry floors and keep excess moisture under control. Keeping your windows clean during the winter lightens the mood and makes a good impression on customers.


The flu and the common cold run rampant during the winter months and are spread by viruses. Cleaning your office equipment, especially phones and keyboards, countertops, tables, doorknobs and public areas is vital to killing viruses and preventing the spread of germs. Commercial cleaning services like Two Men and a Vacuum can get the job done for you with eco-friendly products that leave your office smelling fresh and clean without concerns about noxious chemicals lingering in the air. Keeping germs under control prevents employee sickness and prevents loss of productivity due to sick days.

Plants improve indoor air quality

Air Quality

Your office can get stuffy and suffer from air quality issues during the winter when the windows and doors are closed. But you can solve the problem by installing an air cleaner and adding plants to the office. Research conducted by NASA in 1989 confirmed that houseplants remove toxins from the air and are effective in keeping indoor air fresh. Good choices include golden pothos, ficus, English ivy and peace lilies. These plants all thrive in the low-light conditions common in offices. Place plants in work areas, break rooms and customer areas to bring a touch of nature inside and to help prevent problems with poor air quality.


Keeping your bare floors mopped and carpets vacuumed is an important part of keeping your office clean in the winter. Not only does it prevent people from slipping and falling on slippery floors, but it also keeps the moisture levels down. While you may need to mop customer areas frequently throughout the day to prevent safety issues, an office cleaning service can do the heavy work of shampooing carpets or polishing floors after business hours. They can also advise you on how to keep your floors looking good during the day.

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Hiring commercial cleaners for your office cleaning needs is a great way to keep it clean and hazard free. Call Two Men and a Vacuum today to discuss your needs and learn about the service packages available.