Toilet Taboo: How to Keep Your Office Bathroom Looking Professional


Think about the last time you used a public bathroom. Perhaps it was at a new restaurant in the Short North. Maybe you had to hit up a gas station restroom off of I-71. The fact remains that bathrooms are the great equalizers – it's where you can see exactly how much a business cares about customer service. Across the board, an unkempt, sopping wet, stinky bathroom changes your entire opinion of the establishment. You may even make a mental note never to visit that place of business again just because its bathroom offered up such an offensive experience.

You don't want visitors, clients, and employees feeling that way about your office's restroom. Not to mention, a disgusting bathroom is rife with germs and probably several health code violations (both of which can cost your business money).

So how do you keep your facilities fresh and visitor-friendly? Let's review some commercial cleaning tips.

A Guide to Taming the Office Bathroom

Be sure to clean each of the following areas of the bathroom to make it look presentable and professional.

  • Toilet. This is a thankless job, but someone has to do it. Because toilets are hotspots for bacteria and germs, be sure to always wear gloves when cleaning. Spray the toilet bowl with a disinfecting solution and let it sit for 10 or so minutes. Scrub the bowl with a toilet brush and flush to finish. Spray disinfecting solution on the outside of the tank, the base, and the top and underside of the seat and wipe them down. (Looking for safe bathroom cleaners? Check out this primer: "How to Pick Safe Cleaning Solutions for Your Home or Office.")
  • Sink. Make your sinks shine by using a soft cloth or sponge to scrub the basin with a detergent and warm water. Use clean water to rinse away the suds and grime. Don't forget to scrub the drain and the edges or counters around the sink.
  • Faucets. To remove fingerprints and water spots from the faucets, use a solution of half vinegar and half water and clean them with a damp cloth.
  • Door handles. Wipe down the bathroom toilet handles, door handles, and stall door handles and locks with disinfecting wipes to eliminate germs.
  • Mirror. If left unattended, mirrors may not reflect back a client's smiling face, but rather their horror when they see all the water spots, dust, and fingerprints. Luckily, after a few sprays of glass cleaner and a good circular wipe down, your mirrors will have a flawless finish.
  • Floor. After you finish the tasks above, you're ready for the finishing touch: the floors. Sweep thoroughly to remove dirt, hair, and other debris. Next, prepare the mop water (e.g., a bit of Castile Liquid Soap in a bucket of warm water). Mop the floor with the solution, paying extra attention to corners, around the toilets, and under the sinks.

To keep your bathroom looking this good on a regular basis, be sure to make a cleaning schedule and stick to it. For more ideas on how to keep your Columbus office looking its best, read "Not Your Average Obligatory New Year Office Cleaning Checklist."

A Clean Bathroom without the Dirty Work

Want to keep your Columbus office bathroom spotless without getting your hands dirty? Why not bring in the professionals? Two Men & A Vacuum can…

  • Clean the bathroom from top to bottom.
  • Sanitize and deodorize the facility.
  • Replace hand soap and paper products.
  • Empty rubbish bins.

Generally, we recommend cleaning office bathrooms at least three times a week, but your business's needs depend on the size of your premises, the number of bathrooms, and the number of employees. Book an office cleaning consultation with us to learn more.