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Treat Mom This Mother’s Day!

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Mother's Day is around the corner and Mom deserves something extra special this year (not another candle or bouquet of flowers). Here are a few ways to mix it up this year and make it a Mother’s Day to remember!

Give Mom the gift of a clean home.

Mom is busy - who isn’t these days? A Two Men personalized house cleaning is the best gift for everyone from the young, working Mom who’s always on the go to Grandma, who has a hard time cleaning those nooks and crannies.

Give Mom the gift of safety.

Your average store-bought cleaning products are full of harmful and un-vetted chemicals that cause everything from skin and eye irritation to Asthma flare-ups. Young children and older people are more vulnerable to the effects of these chemicals which makes it that more important to use a green cleaning company that is committed to green, safe products!

Give Mom the gift that keeps on giving

Set up a standing cleaning appointment for Mom and make sure she enjoys a professionally cleaned house all year long!

Book a home cleaning in the Columbus, Ohio area for Mom today at 614-300-7970 or email info@twomenandavacuum.com for more information!


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