Two Men & A Vacuum Beat a Clogged Drain with Strength Alone!


It was family reunion week and the proud homeowners had done everything they could to prepare for the influx of relatives into their spare bedrooms and bathrooms. But there was one thing they couldn’t predict: a clogged shower drain. After a full weekend of countless family members washing their hair and accidentally spilling bottles of shampoo and conditioner into the drain - not to mention all the dirt that came from the family tug of war game in the mud - the shower drain in the much-frequented bathroom simply couldn’t take anymore. Where would the family shower before they boarded the planes and trains back to their respective homes?

Luckily, the homeowners remembered that a friend in a similar situation had recommended Two Men & A Vacuum for all of their clogged drain needs. The homeowners immediately called up Two Men & A Vacuum, who hurried onto the scene. While Two Men & A Vacuum would normally use baking soda and vinegar to free the drain from the clutches of tangled hair and grime, fortune did not favor the heroic trio on this day. A worldwide baking soda shortage left them lacking one of their most crucial supplies! What would they do? What could they do?

Always prepared, Two Men & A Vacuum had a backup plan: they would bust through the clog with strength alone! With the help of a plunger and a plumbing snake, Two Men & A Vacuum kicked that clog to the curb in no time, untroubled by the baking soda shortage.

Out of baking soda? Two Men & A Vacuum have the following tips for getting rid of solid drain clogs without the use of chemicals.

To get rid of a clog with a plunger:

  • Fill up your bathtub or shower with an inch or two of water. This allows the plunger to create a better seal and will help loosen up the clog.
  • Ensure a solid seal between the head of the plunger and the opening of your clogged drain.
  • Push and pull firmly with the plunger, repeating a few times to break up the clog.
  • Test the drain by turning on the water and seeing if it works.
  • If any clog remains, continue plunging until your shower or tub drains easily.

If that doesn’t work... Try a drain snake:

  • Remove the grate of your drain and set it aside.
  • Insert the end of the snake into your drain and begin turning the handle to unwind it.
  • Stop as soon as you feel resistance - you’ve reached the clog!
  • Twist the crank in the opposite direction to remove the snake. The debris that was clogging your drain should now be trapped at the end of it.