Get to Know our Cleveland Team: Senior Dirt Specialist Garrett Moore


We at Two Men take pride in our amazing group of Dirt Specialists who truly have a passion for cleaning. We’ll be profiling our Dirt Specialists in Cleveland in honor of our recent expansion so you can get to know the special group of Cleveland Specialists that are cleaning your home!

Garrett Moore is Cleveland’s Senior Dirt Specialist and was a founding member of the Cleveland team.

Garrett Moore, Dirt Specialist

1.) What got you into cleaning and how did you start working for Two Men?

It's funny because I never liked cleaning my whole life. I needed another part time job to pay bills while in school and I was working next to Two Men's office at a cafe cooking part time. Two Men employees would frequent the cafe to come grab a bite to eat. We hit it off, built relationships, and I was asked if I was looking for extra work. I gladly accepted a position to come on part time. Now 2 years later, it's turned into a life long career opportunity for me and I could have never thought that in my wildest dreams. 

2.) What makes Two Men & A Vacuum a good place to work for

It is the best place I've ever worked for, no doubt about it! The ability to be independent and having the support of my co-workers 24-7 is an amazing feeling. The owner Cody is very driven and ambitious and treats his employees like family. I never dread a day coming into work because everyone is always in a great mood!


3.) What is your favorite part of the cleaning process?

My favorite part of cleaning process is seeing the joy I bring to the client and the true happiness they exhibit when they see their clean home or business. It's such a rewarding feeling when you know you've made someone else's day just a little bit better.

4.) Why is it important to use safe, green cleaning products?

It is important to use green eco-friendly products because of the dangerous odors and health hazards normal products cause to people at risk such as senior citizens with health issues, young children and even the pets of clients. Use of products that contain bleach and phosphates causes many problems that most people aren't aware of.

5.) What do clients miss most often when they clean their own homes?

The most frequently missed places I see when people clean themselves is behind and underneath appliances. Many people do not check places that aren’t visible to others, but in order to give a thorough clean you must try to maneuver around the nooks and crannies to get all the dirt and crumbs. Porcelain on the bottom of toilets is another very commonly missed area.

6.) What do you love most about working in Cleveland?

What I love most about working in Cleveland is the opportunity to help the people of my hometown. I love seeing the people of Cleveland happy. Two Men is going to be a big part of Cleveland’s industry and I am loving every minute of cleaning my hometown and making it a better place every day. It’s a very hard working city and has the most devoted sports fans on this planet! Cleveland will always be my forever home.


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