Two Men & A Vacuum Prepare A Home For Thanksgiving Dinner


Teresa was in a rush because Thanksgiving dinner was two days away, and she was hosting her extended family. The bedrooms were in disarray, the bathrooms needed scrubbing, and worst of all her kitchen was out of control. Grease, spills, and dust had slowly accumulated to the point that she was intimidated to start cleaning. Appliances were dirty, the white sink was stained, and food particles were crusting on the counter. As Teresa stood in the hallway leading to the kitchen looking at the supplies in her hand, she wondered if this was the true holiday experience. When she had volunteered to host Thanksgiving dinner back in September, little had she known the preparation ordeal awaiting her.

Inviting the whole family over had seemed like a good idea at the time. There were enough bedrooms in the house and she loved to cook. She was genuinely looking forward to creating the meal. However, given the amount of labor required just to get the kitchen in working order, Teresa was afraid no energy would be left for actual cooking. On top of that, if she let the cleaning slide it would be embarrassing for relatives to see the disordered state of her house.

It was at that moment she decided to give Two Men & A Vacuum a call. Several of her friends had been wowed by the professionalism and effectiveness of the green cleaning service, and had wholeheartedly recommended them. Teresa decided she had nothing to lose.

Two Men & A Vacuum came straight over and started working on her situation. First they vacuumed carpet, cleaned baseboards, and wiped down surfaces in rooms surrounding the kitchen. Then they went to work dusting the kitchen, including all the hard to reach places like on top of the refrigerator, in the back of shelves, and in other various hiding spots and crevices.

Their next step was to use a an environmentally friendly solution made of water and Castile soap and clean her appliances one by one, making sure all grime was removed. Grease splattered on the wall and range hood was washed away. The sink was filled with warm soapy water and the counters were scrubbed. Handles and knobs were cleaned and various spot checks were performed. The finishing touch was to vacuum and mop the floor so it was sparkly clean.

When Two Men & A Vacuum finished their work several hours later, they left behind an ecstatic Teresa. She had the rest of the day to enjoy prepping food. The personalized service was impressive and Teresa had to agree this was the best clean in town. Hosting could have been a chore, but now it would be a pleasure. Family members could come into her kitchen without cringing. The best part of all was the completely green fashion in which it was done. Teresa now knew who to call should she need cleaning again.

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