Two Men & A Vacuum Save the Holidays


Last season, Two Men & a Vacuum had to deal with a whole new monster when they had a celebratory party at their parlor. They had gotten so used to cleaning other people’s homes that they did not see this one coming.  You see, they were getting ready for the Holidays and had planned a great dinner for their family but they forgot one of the keys to a successful celebration; a clean house, and clean silverware! Grandma was coming, and they forgot to clean her old silverware, which if she saw the state that they were in, it could be anticipated as a major family disaster!

They thought quickly on their feet and grabbed whatever they had in hand to create a heroic solution that would keep Grandma from having a bad time. Read on to find out how they saved the Holidays.


Aluminum Foil
Baking Soda
Big Sauce Pan


1.)    Put the sauce pan on the stove set to high, add water, 1 table spoon of baking soda and put a piece of aluminum foil inside.

2.)    Wait until it boils and then place the silverware into the pan. Put in two or three pieces at a time, and wait around 15 seconds for them to sparkle.

3.)    Use the tongs to remove the silverware from the pan, and voila! Clean silverware, happy grandma. 

Once again Two Men & A Vacuum saved the day!