Two Men & A Vacuum Save the Office Carpet


Last week, Two Men & A Vacuum were visiting one of their favorite commercial clients. They heard that they had a painting project to do at their new office, and decided to join in and give them a helping hand. Little did they know, they were about to be needed in more than one way that summer afternoon.

The painting project was going as planned, until someone accidentally knocked down a paint bucket, and paint was spread out everywhere, staining the new carpet and although the whole scene was pretty funny, they were getting ready to open and there was no time to replace the carpet at that point.

Everyone started to think of ways to fix the problem, and that’s when Two Men stepped up and saved the day. This is how they got rid of the stain produced by water-based paint.

  1. First they scooped as much paint as possible.
  2. Then they mixed really hot water with some dishwasher soap.
  3. Next, they threw some water on the affected area and brushed the carpet with a towel.
  4. They continued to repeat the process until they were satisfied with the result.
  5. Finally, they rinsed the carpet with clear water and used a fresh towel to dry it.

This summer if you have a painting project, Two Men recommends using a tarp or some kind of plastic or fabric to protect the work area. But if you do happen to have a similar paint accident, this green method will work just fine when it comes to water-based paint.

We hope you enjoyed this post, and hope to see you next time when we will share more green cleaning tips.

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