The importance of using green products at the office and at home


You may have heard it isn’t easy being green, but we find the opposite to be true. In the long run, using green products in your home and workplace will protect your health as well as your home! Here are a few reasons we’re committed to being green and only use products formulated without phosphates or bleach as well as a few tips for embracing the green clean lifestyle in your home!

Know what it’s your products and in your home!

Regulations don’t require that products list everything they’re made of. This is why we do the research so you don’t have to, making sure nothing harmful is hidden in our cleaning products.

No one likes fumes!

No one wants their home or office to smell like noxious chemicals. Even worse, no one wants to breathe in the toxic chemicals! This can be especially important as a business owner: you don’t want to compromise your clients or employees health when they are in your place of business. Plus, a foul smelling workplace is just unprofessional! This is why we’re committed to using non-noxious chemicals.

Ultimately, you save money!

The cost of green cleaning products is now a lot more competitive, plus you reduce the risk of sick days for your employees and reduce the risk of contracting asthma. If you’re cleaning your home, you can even make some cleaning products on your own! Vinegar, olive oil and lemon juice are all in your pantry and can be used for daily cleanup for a much lower cost than your normal surface spray!

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