We're Launching a New Referral Program


Two Men & A Vacuum is a cleaning company that was created with a simple and straightforward goal in mind: to provide affordable, efficient, and environmentally-friendly office and house cleaning to the Columbus, Ohio area. So how did we get our start? Keep reading to find out.

A Brief History of Two Men & A Vacuum

Like many tales, the one of Two Men & A Vacuum begins with the realization of an impassioned desire of the heart. Founder and CEO Cody Warren found that cleaning the dust from his own home with his Dyson invigorated him as much as a brisk jog through the morning dew — likely due to the long-lasting influence of his mother's guiding hand. Feeling that he had found his calling, Cody left his old line of work and started Two Men & A Vacuum, a cleaning company dedicated to the pursuit of cleanliness in a world that is anything but that at the best of times. 

Cody is dedicated to improving his physical fitness and mental readiness by relentlessly exercising and working on the details of every muscle, and he instills that same level of detail-oriented focus into every member of the Two Men cleaning staff. He is aided by Tim Knapik, Director of Operations and Logistics, who organizes the Two Men cleaning staff into precision strike teams that keep homes and offices clean while keeping costs low.

Refer five people to Two Men & A Vacuum and your next clean is on us.

Time (and Customers) Will Tell

Since Two Men has been in service, we have provided customizable and attentive cleaning solutions for busy people throughout Ohio. Customers have lauded our friendliness, willingness to work with the constraints of both time and budgets, and our ability to deal with any messes in a way that is healthy for the environment. More than one customer has written back to Two Men about the thoroughness of our cleaning service and the high attention to detail that we bring to every job. Whether it was the apartment of a graduate student who just wants to come home to a clean home to sleep or a full-sized home that needs a robust polishing across surfaces and crevices hidden high and low, customers always noticed Two Men's tenacity for getting rid of every speck of dust and grime.

Introducing Our New Referral Program 

As a thank you to all of our customers who have helped define our success, Two Men & A Vacuum is launching a new referral program. If you refer five people who sign up for any of our cleaning services, your next clean is on us. This referral program only works if you tell all of your friends and family in the Columbus, Ohio area to sign with Two Men and a Vacuum, so be sure to nudge them gently but insistently toward friends and family who have busy schedules and messy homes. Make sure your referrals give us your name so we know who to give the credit to. 

To schedule a free one-on-one consultation with Two Men to discuss how we can help you live a cleaner life that is better for the planet, you can leave a message on the contact page of our website.