We're Launching a Product Line!



We are excited to announce our upcoming line of cleaning & home products! Made with pure & powerful ingredients, every product was tested in the homes of our clients and were created with their needs in mind. Read on for the 411 on our upcoming product line and how to get first access! 

What Our Founder Says:

Founder and CEO Cody Warren says, “this range of products was created out of our years of experience with cleaning homes and offices and hearing what our clients were looking for.” While building his cleaning company, Warren couldn’t find any products that were both tough on messes but made with safe and natural ingredients that protect the health and home of his clients while smelling great.  “We weren’t willing to accept the trade off. It was either use a natural product that doesn’t work as well or use a toxic product with noxious fumes that works fairly well. We’re now offering an option that is both pure and powerful making us truly unique in the cleaning space.”

Product Types:

The product range includes six essentials including an All-Purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, a candle, Room Refresher, Car Refresher, a bar soap, hand and body lotion and a SuperPower Scrub. The products come in four debut scents including Fresh & Clean, Bourbon & Honey, Ginger & Lime and Wasabi & Awapuhi.

What Makes Our Products Better Than the Rest:

  • Scents that smell healthy not harsh: no toxic chemicals here. Our four scents are Fresh & Clean, Bourbon & Honey, Wasabi & Awapuhi and Ginger & Lime.
  • Made with pure & powerful ingredients, every product was tested in the homes of our clients and was created with their needs and feedback in mind.
  • Recyclable and sustainable packaging - we offer handy refill sizes for all products so you can reuse your containers + avoid that moment where you run out of something when you need it.

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