Why Your Large Office Space Requires Deep Cleaning


Think about your Columbus office. Don't just draw to mind the workstations or lobby. We want you to imagine the entryway, the corners of each cubicle, and the walls. Picture the hard-to-reach shelves, storage rooms, and bathrooms.

If you have a small commercial office, chances are this quick experiment wasn't too challenging. You probably know your space pretty intimately and can quickly recall most of the nooks and crannies. But as a rule, the bigger your office building, the more overlooked spaces there will be.

How does this translate into a need to give your large Columbus office a deep cleaning? Let's take a look.

The Bigger the Office, the Larger the Cleaning Job

When you have more space to clean, there's a greater chance that corners will be cut in the interest of saving time. Sure, the major hotspots get some attention – the office bathroom, the break room, and the lobby. But cleaning really exists in the details. For example, what good is a vacuumed break room if the office fridge is a sticky, rotten food graveyard?

That's why large commercial offices benefit from a regular deep-cleaning regimen. Deep cleaning may involve…

  • Cleaning the office carpet. Because large businesses get more foot traffic, the need for professional carpet cleaning is high. Carpets that get a bare-minimum sweep harbor dirt and bacteria, which can affect the air quality of your office. Plus, in the winter, it's important to clean unsightly rock salt stains that could discolor the carpet.
  • Cleaning the office break room. The fridge, if left unchecked, can harbor bacteria and gunk from spoiled food. In other words: it's a threat to your employees' well being. Read more about that here: "The Secret Dirtiest Spots of Your Office."
  • Cleaning ceiling fans and vents. You'd be surprised how much dust and dirt these places collect. Again, when left unattended, these dusty places can take a toll on your business's air quality, and your clients and customers may take notice.
  • Cleaning overlooked and hard-to-reach places. As mentioned earlier, the details make the difference, especially if you work in an industry where health and safety are top-level concerns.
  • Organizing to optimize usable space. Clutter gets in the way of productivity and can make routine cleaning more difficult.

In short, just because you have a large office doesn't mean that neglected spots go unnoticed. And when you're trying to make a good impression on new clients or customers, that's a gamble you can't afford to take.

If you already have a cleaning company that visits your Columbus office, don't get too cocky – sometimes, professionals are just as guilty of cutting corners to save time. (Related reading: "Is Your Cleaning Company Really Cleaning Your Office?") Be sure to hire a cleaning company that you trust with your business's reputation.

Commercial Cleaning Professionals Columbus Businesses Can Trust

If you're looking for a Columbus-based cleaning company to give your business the level of cleaning it requires, look no further. Two Men & A Vacuum offers a spectrum of cleaning service options. For deep cleaning, check out our White Glove Commercial Cleaning.

We're happy to customize your cleaning program based on your needs, budget, and schedule. Book an office cleaning consultation with us to learn more.