Two Men & A Vacuum has always been committed to using non-noxious cleaning products that are formulated without phosphates or bleach, protecting your home, health and the environment.

We are proud to work with brand partners Dyson Vacuums and Method cleaning products. Method’s broad range of cleaning products are not only naturally-derived, biodegradable and non-toxic - they also smell great and work amazingly well! When you walk into your newly cleaned home or office we want it to smell great, not like bleach or noxious chemicals. Dyson’s vacuums are energy efficient and filterless, creating less environmental impact than your average vacuum cleaner and with much more power.

A few reasons we are committed
to being green

Easy on your health

Chemicals like bleach cause asthma, skin and lung irritation, migraines and more. We don’t want you and your family to deal with these easily avoidable issues! This can also be especially important as a business owner: you don’t want to compromise your clients or employees health when they are in your place of business.

Easy on your home

Sometimes a surface takes a little extra elbow grease. Whether you’ve got serious buildup in your kitchen, a bathroom nightmare or even grout issues, our green products are easy on your home’s surfaces but hard on dirt and grease.

Easy on the environment

Modern cleaning products are full of chemicals. When you do the dishes or flush the toilet bowl you may be sending these chemicals back into the water system. These chemicals could not only make their way back to your water, but can also have a serious impact on the environment.

We care about your health and we care about the health of the planet! Read more about the importance of green cleaning in the home and workplace, DIY tips and more over at the blog!

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