Green Cleaning Kitchens

Whether your home or office kitchen, it can get dirty before you know it from grease, spills, dust and more. Two Men & A Vacuum is a Columbus OH cleaning service specializing in residential and commerical cleaning for your kitchen using safe ingredients and equipment to give your kitchen the best and safest clean possible. 

When you hire Two Men & A Vacuum to clean your kitchen, you can expect the following:

  • Surrounding rooms. First we begin by dusting and vacuuming the surrounding rooms around the kitchen, especially in homes that have an open floor plan. This process often stirs up dust in the air which can later settle on granite countertops. Doing this step first eliminates more work later.
  • Shelves and knickknacks. Next, we carefully dust the entire kitchen, including the top of the refrigerator and all shelves, pictures and knickknacks, making sure to deep clean in small spaces and crevices.
  • Appliances. Then it’s time to clean the appliances using our green cleaning solution made of Castile soap and water. We start with over-the-counter microwaves and range hoods to push all crumbs and dirt downward.
  • Sink. After the appliances are cleaned, we then make dishwater in the sink using Dawn detergent and wash any coffee pots or miscellaneous dishes sitting in the sink.
  • Counters. Next we wipe down all counter tops by spraying them with our green cleaning solution, making sure to clean under all items and spot wipe cabinets of any water streaks or food particles, paying particular attention to the handles and knobs.
  • Mop. Finally, we vacuum and damp mop the floor for a finished look.

Removing the dust and dirt in your home without polluting the environment—or your family’s and coworker's air—is important to us. If you’re looking for green cleaning companies, contact Two Men & A Vacuum today at 614-300-7970 or email

What more can we offer?

Kicking off your professional home cleaning is quick and easy: All you need to do is call 614-300-7970 or send an email and we’ll schedule your free no–obligation in-home consultation.
Green Cleaning Bathroom

You know the drill. Bathroom cleaning can be such a dreaded chore that it quickly turns into an infrequent (but intense) cleaning project. If you’re looking for a green cleaning company, Two Men & A Vacuum can tackle your bathroom using safe ingredients and equipment to help you maintain a clean bathroom and minimize the need for those heavy cleanings.

Green Cleaning Bedrooms

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. And when you turn to a professional cleaning company, you should be able to rest assured that the job was done as well as you would have done it—thoroughly and safely. We are the green cleaning company for bedrooms and master suites in your Columbus home.

Living / TV / Dining Rooms

You know the stress of coming home to a dirty house all too well. How often do you wish you could snap your fingers and have the dust disappear? Trusting your living room, TV room, family room and dining room to an experienced professional cleaning company means letting go of the worry. With our highly trained cleaning team and top-quality green cleaning products, we guarantee the best clean in town.

Entryways / Foyers

Let your home speak for itself with a dust- and dirt-free entryway or foyer. Whether you need rescued from daily foot traffic, are entertaining a first-time guest or getting ready for family, a flawless entryway is a must. Our professional cleaning company is highly trained and uses top-quality, eco friendly cleaning products to ensure immaculate results, every time.

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