Living / TV / Dining Rooms

You know the stress of coming home to a dirty house all too well. How often do you wish you could snap your fingers and have the dust disappear?

Trusting your living room, TV room, family room and dining room to an experienced professional cleaning company means letting go of the worry. With our highly trained cleaning team and top-quality green cleaning products, we guarantee the best clean in town.

You can expect the following when you hire Two Men & A Vacuum for your green cleaning service needs:

  • Ceiling to Floor. On the first clean, we wipe all reachable ceiling fans first and then do these on an as-needed basis.
  • Wall to Wall. We then start on the right wall as you enter the room and carefully dust all wall items and chairs, tables, etc. as we move around the room, dusting all chair/table legs as we go. This step includes under and around all lamps, lamp shades and any knick knacks.
  • Upholstery. We vacuum all upholstery, paying special attention to any pet hair.
  • Electronics. Next we wipe and dust the front of any TV’s and all electronics using eco-friendly lint-free cloths.
  • Glass Surfaces. We then clean all mirrors and glass surfaces using our specially made green cleaning solution.
  • Windows. Dust is often attracted to window sills and ledges. We dust on and around all windows.
  • Floors. Finally, we end by vacuuming and wet mopping the floors for a clean and finished look.

We all live busy lives, and regular home cleanings can fall to the bottom of the to-do list. When you want someone to handle the dirty work for you, contact Two Men & A Vacuum at 614-300-7970 or email

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