Your commercial building should stay clean and spotless because there is a need to ensure proper hygiene, a clean and safe environment for commercial activities without compromising on the health and safety of both you, your employee and visiting customers. Hence, the need for proper commercial property cleaning.

However, as a business, you already have enough to deal with and trying to meet up with customer demands, attending to meetings and carrying out delegated tasks won’t help in meeting your commercial property’s cleaning needs.

In fact, you get to have less time for cleaning. With lesser cleaning time comes lesser attention to details and this leads to going for shortcuts and results in unprofessional results.

To help you save time and allow you channel those saved times into other aspects of your commercial business, we at Two Men and a Vacuum offer our Commercial Property Cleaning Service to commercial buildings in Columbus.

We have been privileged to work with a wide range of commercial property owners across multiple industry sectors including schools, hotels, and public places while ensuring the best result possible.

As a green cleaning company that places priority on proper cleaning and environmental sustainability, our professional cleaners are well trained and will provided the needed know-how and skill to achieve a proper clean without compromising on the safety of your property and its immediate environment.

We promise

high-quality and consistency in our commercial cleaning projects, ensuring the best possible results that promises a dust-free, clean and squeaky-clean environment for Columbus-based businesses. This is made possible by our tailored cleaning technique that focuses on your business type, offering a customized cleaning strategy that is adapted to your company’s operation.

Why Should You Outsource your Commercial Property Cleaning Needs?

Reduces Cost

Outsourcing your commercial property cleaning will help you eliminate the needs of equipment purchase, repairs and replacement, thereby leading to saved cost on payroll and unwanted expenses. By using a professional property Cleaning Service in Columbus, you will only be paying for the requested service.

Quality and Reliability

A Professional Janitorial Company will provide the needed training to its staff, ensuring the right skills and know-how to assure optimum quality and reliability. They know the exact equipment needed for the best results and how best to achieve those results.

Save Time

As a business, you are already tasked with bigger things to worry about than cleaning your office. By contracting your commercial cleaning needs to professional office cleaners in Columbus, you don’t just get to save time but also get to channel that saved time into other important aspects of your business.

Updated Equipment

A common mistake most people make is attempting to clean their commercial property themselves. The truth is that no matter the efforts you put in, you will not achieve the same sparkle or cleanness a professional commercial cleaner will provide.

An expert commercial property cleaner will come with the latest and most effective cleaning equipment while promising the needed training to assure safety and optimal results.

They will Identify your Exact Need

Professional commercial cleaners are trained to meet all your commercial building cleaning needs. With skills like office cleaning, dusting, sanitizing and minor property maintenance, professional commercial cleaners will help your commercial space stay clean, shiny and sparkling. There is simply no better way to show your clients how much attention you pay to details!

By using our commercial cleaning service in Columbus, our expert cleaners in Columbus will arrive at your commercial space with the effective cleaning equipment and ensure proper cleaning and sanitization of your entire office space while ensuring maximum safety for both you, your employees and clients.

We only provide you a team of well-trained cleaners who boast the needed experience to carry out your office space’s cleaning needs.

What Sets Us Apart from Our Competition?

We love to Clean

It may sound strange, but we love to clean! Two men and a Vacuum is made up of an experienced team of cleaners who come to work each day with the aim of ensuring a safe and conducive environment for our clients.

Thus, we stop at nothing to ensure maximum satisfaction, no matter the scope of the project.

A Tailored Approach

At Two Men and a Vacuum, we believe every commercial property is built with different goals and will require unique cleaning approach. Therefore, our commercial cleaning service is very flexible and designed to offer a tailored approach that is totally customizable to fit your schedule.

Green Cleaning Solution

We also care about your health and the health of the planet. We provide a green cleaning solution that promises a safe commercial space without compromising on both your safety and that of mother nature. Thanks to our Dyson vacuums and Method cleaning products, you don't need to make a special request for eco-friendly cleaners!

Reliable Service Team

Two Men and a Vacuum believes in ensuring maximum satisfaction and rapid service delivery. To ensure this is the case, we have put a reliable service team in place that is always on hand to respond to your inquiries, suggestions or complaints. We also respond to emergency cleaning needs!

How we Work

Two Men and a Vacuum strives to provide swift, safe and effective cleaning service to its clients with optimal attention to environmental safety and customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we adopt a personalized approach that is built around a 3-step process.
Request a Quote

Our service delivery starts immediately you request a quote. An experienced member of our team will respond with a quote regarding the information you have filled in.

Initial Consultation

We will schedule an initial consultation/inspection of your commercial space to understand your needs and how best to meet them.

We get to Work

Once we have an agreement on the most effective method and schedule for you, our workers will arrive at the agreed schedule to ensure you get a squeaky-clean working environment that’s safe for commercial use.

At Two Men and a Vacuum, we love to clean so that you won’t have to. Now, you can channel those valuable time to other important areas of your business.