As a property manager or a building owner, you have invested money time, and effort into ensuring the completion of your new space, whether reconstruction or an entirely new project. However, the last thing you want is the wrong first impression. Hence the need for a professional Construction cleanup service.

If you have the tiniest of doubt, then it’s time to get a professional hand.

You see, the major problem for property managers or building owner is how to keep the property clean and spotless during and after construction. No matter the stage of construction, if you the environment looks unclean and haphazard, it is likely to give a wrong impression of your business.

But then, how do you achieve proper cleaning and maintenance of a conducive and safe environment during and after construction work?

Hire the service of a Professional Construction Cleanup team.

Two men and a Vacuum provides professional Construction Cleanup Service to construction sites in the whole of Columbus and Cleveland area. Our clean-up team is always on hand to provide a thorough cleaning service that promises the best results.

We have worked with several property managers and building owners to ensure proper cleaning of their newly constructed property, whether while the project was on-going or right after. We get your property prepared for that grand first impression that matter.

We offer a customized approach that is designed specially to ensure the best results for your project. So, whether it’s a day-to-day removal of debris from your construction site or the final cleanup and detailing when the work is complete, our construction cleanup team is always at your disposal when needed.

Why Hire a Professional Construction Cleanup Team?


One of the most important things to a construction ground is safety. So, you want to have the best hands and experienced cleaners on your property to avoid risks of accidents and injuries.

By outsourcing your construction cleanup needs, you get a team of cleaners who boast expertise in construction cleanup and thus have the right equipment to guarantee the safety of everyone involved.

The Best Results

Construction sites tend to leave off debris, including paints, cement, sand and more. Using the right equipment and technique is paramount to get the best results in cleaning off this debris.

Professional construction cleanup teams are trained specially for construction cleaning and so have the needed experience and best environment safe cleaning products that assure effective cleaning with the best results.

The Right Cleaning Plan

Professional construction cleanup teams will know the best cleaning plan for your construction site. Whether it’s a day-to-day debris removal or after-project cleanup, they will be able to give more informed advice and the right cleaning plan for your property.

Save Time

as a property manager or building owner, you want to focus more on that grand opening of your property. So, you need all the time you can get. By hiring the service of a professional construction clean-up team, you get to leave the cleaning to the experts and have more time to prepare for that first impression.

What our Construction Cleanup Service Cover

By using our construction cleanup service in Columbus and Cleveland, our expert cleaners in will arrive at your construction site with effective cleaning equipment and ensure proper cleaning and sanitization of your entire site, preparing it for that grand opening. Our construction cleanup service cover:
Window Frame Cleanup
Floor Cleaning & Waxing
Stain Removal
Window and Glass Cleaning
Full Property Sanitizing
Dust Removal of Hard-Reach Area
Scrubbing, Dusting, Vacuuming of all Surfaces, including Furniture
We only provide you a team of well-trained cleaners who boast the needed experience to carry out your construction cleaning needs.

We guarantee optimum satisfaction without compromising on professionalism.

What Sets Us Apart from Our Competition?

We love to Clean

It may sound strange, but we love to clean! Two men and a Vacuum is made up of an experienced team of cleaners who come to work each day with the aim of ensuring a safe and conducive environment for our clients.

Thus, we stop at nothing to ensure maximum satisfaction, no matter the scope of the project.

A Tailored Approach

At Two Men and a Vacuum, we believe every construction project has different goals and will require unique cleaning approach. Therefore, our construction cleanup service is very flexible and designed to offer a tailored approach that is totally customizable to fit your schedule.

Green Cleaning Solution

We also care about your health and the health of the planet. We provide a green cleaning solution that promises a safe commercial space without compromising on both your safety and that of mother nature. Thanks to our Dyson vacuums and Method cleaning products, you don't need to make a special request for eco-friendly cleaners!

Reliable Service Team

Two Men and a Vacuum believes in ensuring maximum satisfaction and rapid service delivery. To ensure this is the case, we have put a reliable service team in place that is always on hand to respond to your inquiries, suggestions or complaints. We also respond to emergency cleaning needs!

How we Work

Two Men and a Vacuum strives to provide a swift, safe and effective janitorial service in Cleveland with optimal attention to customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we adopt a personalized approach that is built around a 3-step process.
Request a Quote

Our service delivery starts immediately you request a quote. An experienced member of our team will respond with a quote regarding the information you have filled in.

Initial Consultation

We will schedule an initial consultation/inspection of your office space to understand your company’s needs and how best to meet them.

We get to Work

Once we have an agreement on the most effective method and schedule for you, our workers will arrive at the agreed plan to ensure you get a squeaky-clean working environment that’s safe for commercial use.

At Two Men and a Vacuum, we love to clean so that you won’t have to. Now, you can be sure of providing that grand first impression your construction effort deserve.

Request a Quote to get started!