Working in an office, you have many people walking in and touching your belongings. Often they are coworkers, but other times they are clients who come in from the streets. Protect your health along with the clean, professional look of your workspace.
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With our nation’s top doctors now alerting local businesses and schools to prepare for a potential coronavirus crisis, local companies are scrambling to disinfect their workspaces the right way to keep employees and customers safe. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is now urging U.S. businesses to vigorously and routinely wipe down workplace surfaces to contain the spread of the potentially deadly virus.

For years, my friends have made fun of me for whipping out my hand sanitizer after onsite meetings at clients' offices. "You never know who has been touching what" was always my response. As it turns out, I was on to something. In light of the coronavirus outbreak, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is encouraging U.S. businesses to take a serious look at their in-office policies to contain the potential spread of the virus.

1. Set Up a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning is meaningless if you do it only once a year. Set up a schedule that has you cleaning every month or so. Get used to this task as the most effective way to master it. The first step to follow through with your goals is to plan and set dates without forgetting them.

2. Cleaning or Disinfecting. Know the Differences Between Words

Cleaning is not the same as disinfecting or sanitizing. You clean to remove dirt and germs on the surface, but the germs may still exist. Disinfect to kill the germs and bacteria that cannot be seen. Sanitizing is the process of cleaning or disinfection to remove germs.

Keep All Places Clean

3. Pinpoint the Most Unclean Areas

It does not make sense to spend most of your time cleaning areas that are rarely used. Find the heavy traffic zones where everyone’s feet or hands have been. Start by sanitizing rugs that are harbors for dirt and bacteria.

4. Clean the Least Expected Places

Germs are found everywhere, even in places where you least expect them. In your office, start cleaning places that you do not clean often. Start with the walls, doorways and other areas that have collected years of dirt and debris.

5. Create a color-coded cleaning solution
To keep towels used in cleaning surfaces from ending up in the office kitchen, try color-coding your towels and cloths for specific spaces. Having a different color for towels from each specific area keeps cross contamination at bay.

6. Practice the one-way wipe down

Contrary to the way we usually clean, wiping down a surface in a circular or back-and-forth direction redeposits the germs you just wiped up.

Instead, wipe down commonly touched surfaces such as desks, doorknobs, workstations, and countertops in one direction, and don't go back over it in the opposite direction.

7. Disinfect your devices

Don’t forget to wipe down employee laptops, mousses and especially cell phones. One study by a web-based researched platform found we touch our cell phones 2,000 times a day. Other recent studies indicate the average adult brings their fingers to their nose, mouth or eyes about 16 times per hour, and germs thrive on human touch and the tech we touch! The use of Electrostatic Sprayer Disinfecting Systems is the gold standard for attacking germs in difficult to reach spaces.

Cell phones

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