Cleaning your office space is not enough. This is because there is a need to ensure proper hygiene, a clean and safe environment for commercial activities without compromising on the health and safety of the environment itself. Hence, the need to go for green commercial cleaning in Columbus.

However, as you live your busy life trying to meet up with customer demands, attending meetings and carrying out delegated tasks, you get to have less time for cleaning. With lesser cleaning time comes minor attention to details and this leads to going for shortcuts and products that promise fast and easy clean.

But wait... Stop right there!

Instead of going for cheap shortcuts that promises super easy cleaning while having an overall negative effect on your surroundings, why not outsource your commercial cleaning to a green commercial cleaning company in Columbus?

Yes, a green commercial cleaning company like us — Two Men and a Vacuum!

At Two men and a Vacuum, asides providing professional cleaning service that keeps you safe and healthy, we also love the planet and intend to keep it a safe place to live. So, we provide commercial businesses around Columbus with professional green cleaning service that is tailored to meet their needs while using a safe and effective approach.

But why go Green? What is Green Cleaning all about? Those are good questions!

Green cleaning is a rising trend in the cleaning industry. It’s an approach to cleaning that offers a compelling combination of equipment, products and cleaning method with the sole aim of improving efficiency in cleaning while reducing its negative impacts on your health and the environment. With that in mind, here are some reasons for you to go Green with your Cleaning Needs.
It Improves Health

Whether it’s an office building, a school or medical building, the primary aim of cleaning is to keep the people within the structure healthy. However, many cleaning products out there are made from toxic chemicals which negatively affects overall health.

With green cleaning products and methods, you get to limit the number of chemicals used. Certified green products are closely monitored to ensure they reduced corrosivity, skin absorption, and inhalation toxicity. Thus, making them less harmful to you and the environment.

It Improves Indoor Air Quality

One of the essential parts of ensuring the wellbeing of your commercial building occupants is through good indoor air quality. This factor also affects productivity and energy.

Conventional cleaning products produce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which has been proven to hurt general health. VOCs are said to stay in your building even after the cleaning is completed.

By using green cleaning products, you can avoid products that pollute the indoor air of your commercial building.

Promises Long-term Return on Investment

Choosing to go green for your commercial cleaning needs in Columbus will yield long-term returns like improved productivity and output, reduced hazard rate and liability, a longer lifespan for your floor and furniture surfaces.

These benefits combine to provide higher chances of success for your business.

Promotes Environmental Sustainability

Unlike the traditional cleaning approach that harms the environment, choosing to go green is 100% eco-friendly and promises a safer environment.

So, we invite you to toss those dangerous chemicals that affect the soil, water and even air around the building for a green approach is 100% eco-friendly and will provide support for the environment.

By using our green commercial cleaning service in Columbus, our expert, eco-friendly cleaners in Columbus will arrive at your office space with the eco-friendly cleaning equipment and ensure proper cleaning and sanitization of your entire office space while providing maximum safety for both you, your employees and the environment.

We only provide you with a team of well-trained cleaners who boast the needed experience to carry out your office space’s cleaning needs.

What Sets Us Apart from Our Competition?

We love to Clean

It may sound strange, but we love to clean! Two men and a Vacuum is made up of an experienced team of cleaners who come to work each day with the aim of ensuring a safe and conducive environment for our clients.

Thus, we stop at nothing to ensure maximum satisfaction, no matter the scope of the project.

A Tailored Approach

At Two Men and a Vacuum, we believe every business has its principle and how it is run. Therefore, our office cleaning service is very flexible and designed to offer a tailored approach that is entirely customizable to fit your schedule.

Green Cleaning Solution

We also care about your health and the health of the planet. We provide a green cleaning solution that promises a safe commercial space without compromising on both your safety and that of mother nature. Thanks to our Dyson vacuums and Method cleaning products, you don't need to make a special request for eco-friendly cleaners!

Reliable Service Team

Two Men and a Vacuum believes in ensuring maximum satisfaction and rapid service delivery. To ensure this is the case, we have put a reliable service team in place that is always on hand to respond to your inquiries, suggestions or complaints. We also respond to emergency cleaning needs!

How we Work

Two Men and a Vacuum strives to provide a swift, safe and effective janitorial service in Cleveland with optimal attention to customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we adopt a personalized approach that is built around a 3-step process.
Request a Quote

Our service delivery starts immediately you request a quote. An experienced member of our team will respond with a quote regarding the information you have filled in.

Initial Consultation

We will schedule an initial consultation/inspection of your office space to understand your company’s needs and how best to meet them.

We get to Work

Once we have an agreement on the most effective method and schedule for you, our workers will arrive at the agreed schedule to ensure you get a squeaky-clean working environment that’s safe for commercial use.

At Two Men and a Vacuum, we love to clean so that you won’t have to. Now, you can channel those valuable cleaning time to other critical areas of your business.

Request a Quote to get started!