There is only one chance at first impression. Thus, ensuring proper hygiene in your office at all times is of Paramount importance will help you create an excellent and professional first impression. One of the best ways to ensure this is the case is through professional Janitorial service.

Take a moment to answer these questions…

When you Customers, clients or employees enter your office space, what type of experience do they have?

Are your floors squeaky clean; are they free of stains?

Are your desks spotless and dust-free?

Are the restrooms clean and pleasant to use?

If you have the tiniest of doubt, then it’s time to get a professional hand.

The truth remains that most people will judge your attention to detail and customer care right from the moment they step into your building. So, why not provide the best customer experience possible through proper cleaning and janitorial service.

You might be thinking "why not have it done by myself or my staff?"

Well, the thing is you run a business, and you already have a lot on your plates. From large files to sort out, tasks to complete and meetings to attend to ensure your customers are satisfied, you don’t want to add the extra burden of janitorial cleaning to that list.

So, how do you solve this problem?

Two men and a vacuum offer its professional Janitorial service to companies around the Cleveland area.

At Two Men and a Vacuum, we believe a clean facility promises comfort and attention to detail while giving your clients a sense of professionalism, excellence, and care. Thus, we strive to provide you with an environment that is safe, clean and ready to accept your clients.

We offer a full-scale commercial Janitorial service for all industry sectors and all types of facilities across the Cleveland area. Our Janitorial service is designed to help you keep your commercial building spotless and professional, every day.

Why Should You Outsource your Janitorial Needs?

Reduces Cost

Outsourcing your Janitorial needs will help you eliminate the needs of personnel replacement, equipment purchase, repairs, and replacement, thereby leading to saved cost on payroll and unwanted expenses.

By using a professional Janitorial Company in Cleveland like Two Men and a Vacuum, you will only be paying for the requested service.

Quality and Reliability

A Professional Janitorial Company will provide the needed training, skills and know-how to assure optimum quality and reliability. They know the exact equipment needed for the best results and how best to achieve those results.

Proper Sanitation

From proper window cleaning, carpet cleaning, mold removal and tile cleaning to emergency services, professional janitorial cleaners know the most effective methods to achieve an appropriate sanitation.

So, you don’t have to ever worry about your restrooms, reception area, lunch room or any other vital areas of your building not being ready to receive clients, customers or guests.

Supply Assurance

Buy outsourcing your janitorial needs, you will never run out of janitorial supplies like dish soaps, paper towels or toilet papers. A professional janitorial company will ensure you are always well-stock in that department.

What Our Janitorial Service Cover

Our expert janitors are equipped with the right tools and training to ensure optimal results without compromising on the safety both you, your staff, your customers and the environment no matter the need of your business.
Window Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Marble Restoration
Restroom Supplies
“Minimal” Building Maintenance
We have needed experience and know-how to work across a wide range of industry sectors, including Private Corporate Offices, Medical offices, Schools, Car Dealerships, Recreational Facilities and more.

We guarantee optimum satisfaction without compromising on professionalism.

What Sets Us Apart from Our Competition?

We love to Clean

It may sound strange, but we love to clean! Two men and a Vacuum is made up of an experienced team of cleaners who come to work each day with the aim of ensuring a safe and conducive environment for our clients.

Thus, we stop at nothing to ensure maximum satisfaction, no matter the scope of the project.

A Tailored Approach

At Two Men and a Vacuum, we believe every business has its principle and how it is run. Therefore, our janitorial cleaning service in Cleveland is very flexible and designed to offer a tailored approach that is customizable to fit your schedule.

Green Cleaning Solution

We also care about your health and the health of the planet. We provide a green cleaning solution that promises a safe commercial space without compromising on both your safety and that of mother nature. Thanks to our Dyson vacuums and Method cleaning products, you don't need to make a special request for eco-friendly cleaners!

Reliable Service Team

Two Men and a Vacuum believes in ensuring maximum satisfaction and rapid service delivery. To ensure this is the case, we have put a reliable service team in place that is always on hand to respond to your inquiries, suggestions or complaints. We also respond to emergency cleaning needs!

How we Work

Two Men and a Vacuum strives to provide a swift, safe and effective janitorial service in Cleveland with optimal attention to customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we adopt a personalized approach that is built around a 3-step process.
Request a Quote

Our service delivery starts immediately you request a quote. An experienced member of our team will respond with a quote regarding the information you have filled in.

Initial Consultation

We will schedule an initial consultation/inspection of your office space to understand your company’s needs and how best to meet them.

We get to Work

Once we have an agreement on the most effective method and schedule for you, our workers will arrive at the agreed plan to ensure you get a squeaky-clean working environment that’s safe for commercial use.

At Two Men and a Vacuum, we love to clean so that you won’t have to. Now, you can channel those valuable cleaning time to other critical areas of your business.

Request a Quote to get started!