Never Wax Again!

In the 21st Century, floors shouldn’t be so hard to maintain. Traditional finishes fade too fast and require constant upkeep while newer longer-lasting finishes require too much dry time to be practical. Even LVT and other vinyls that are sold as no-maintenance break down over time with heavy traffic.


Quarry Tile
Roll Vinyl
OneCure® modernizes floor maintenance through the power of UV curing. OneCure scientifically delivers long- lasting gloss without the constant upkeep or downtime. The 100% solids UV curable material dries immediately, covers in one coat and requires no burnishing or buffing. It’s also easy to clean and can be spot repaired. Lasting beauty without the upkeeper
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With traditional air drying, solvents must evaporate for a coating to dry. This lengthy evaporation process releases pollutants into the air. With UV curing, there are no solvents to evaporate and no pollutants. The coating also doesn’t dry until exposed to UV so you can rework as needed. The flooring is then cured immediately through UV exposure.
piece of mind
VOC content < 0.5%
100% solids
No chemical stripping
Low chemical waste

Significant cost savings

OneCure delivers up to a 42% savings over a three-year time frame compared to traditional finishes. As the chart below indicates, the cost of first application is more than offset by the elimination of stripping, scrubbing and burnishing over a three-year period.

Cost savings

VCT floor maintenance cost based on a 1,000 sq. ft. office floor over three years
Traditional Finish
Initial strip
First application
Strip and recoat
Scrub and recoat
Burnishing (as needed)

ASSUMPTIONS: Labor rate: $32 per man-hour (including benefits); two strip/recoats per year (three coats of finish each); four scrub/ recoats per year (one coat of finish); daily dust/wet mopping

Customer Testimonials

Your product is phenomenal! It not only shines better, it also shows no signs of wear. A very cost effective investment.
Patrick T. Stemper General Manager Badger ToyotaLift
We selected several high traffic floors in our buildings and are very impressed with the results.
Robert Ellis Building and Grounds Supervisor East Troy Community School District

Impressive Durability

OneCure® is far more stain resistant than traditional finishes such as wax, and also far more scratch resistant than wax and water-based urethane in double rub testing using steel wool.

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