Two Men & A Vacuum is for the client who wants a premium clean without a premium hassle. With Two Men & A Vacuum you get much more than the high-quality clean guaranteed by our Dirt Specialist vetting and training process. You also get the protection of our client agreement and the benefits of green cleaning products and processes. We love to clean (so you don’t have to)

You get what you pay for

As longtime experts in this business, we know that the bar is low. Technology is an afterthought, cash payments are king and sloppy work is typical. Well, you get what you pay for. That’s why we’re raising the bar through the Dirt Specialists we hire, the products we use and our rigorous quality control processes.

Disrupting our industry

It’s important to us to stay on the forefront of technology in order to more efficiently service our clients.

Our new online Two Men Ticketing system allows your company’s office manager or relevant employee to file a job request, any notes or complaints on the job, and to schedule your next clean seamlessly and receive confirmation quickly. No more wondering when the cleaning company will show up and no more unheard complaints and unreturned phone calls. Time is money, right? Our system saves your employees’ valuable time so they can get back to work and leave the cleaning to us.

Products and a client agreement that protect your workplace

We only use non-toxic and non-noxious cleaning products for a safe, harmonious workplace. We also thoroughly vet our Dirt Specialists so all you need to worry about is running your business.

Easily find the right clean for your office

In the same way that each business is different, so is the way we clean each commercial space. Depending upon the type of business you operate, your cleaning requirements change. Whereas some businesses need an immaculate daily cleaning, there are other businesses that only need a weekly polish. Regardless, every level of cleaning service we provide uses only environmentally safe cleaning solutions. So what are your commercial cleaning needs?

Because every business’s needs are different,
we offer three types of commercial cleaning services:

White glove
White Glove Commercial Cleaning

Just as the name suggests, our White Glove Commercial Cleaning is detailed, thorough and, most importantly, spotless. We dare you to pull out your own white glove and find a spec of dirt. Typically, we provide this level of cleaning service to clients in the medical, daycare or food industry.

Our White Glove Commercial Cleaning service averages to


per square foot
Yellow glove
Yellow Glove Commercial Cleaning

Do you own a business that needs to be client-ready at all times? If so, our Yellow Glove Commercial Cleaning is for you. We’ll provide a full top-to-bottom office cleaning anywhere from once weekly to daily, or even multiple times a day. Additionally, services such as carpet cleaning and power washing can be included as needed.

Our Yellow Glove Commercial Cleaning service averages to


per square foot
Blue glove
Blue Glove Commercial Cleaning

Perfect for the start-up or small agency that is trying to stay lean but wants to put its most professional foot forward, our Blue Glove Commercial Cleaning service will keep you looking organized and polished. Typically, this level of clean is for the client that wants a light vacuum, trash emptied and restrooms cleaned.

Our Blue Glove Commercial Cleaning service averages to


per square foot

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