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How does it work?

Create A Ticket

Two Men wants to know what you need, when you need it and at what priority this needs to be addressed. Use this system to tell us your needs, wants or even thoughts. We will dedicate our attention to make sure this is addressed in a very timely manner.


As a ticket moves though the system, it is usually classified as a certain type of issue, which in turn determines the skillset and expertise level of the Dirt Specialist (typically the Dirt Specialist assigned to your property) the ticket is assigned to. Until the issue is resolved, the "open ticket" for the problem remains in the work queue, with issues of highest priority taking precedence in terms of workflow.


Ones the ticket is completed, our system will notify you to let you know that the issue/concern has been addressed and completed. This will enable Two Men (as well as you) to be as efficient as possible as we keep your facility/home in tip-top cleaning shape.


Closed tickets will be kept for your records in your profile in the event that you might have to revisit for documentation or just to see a history of past tickets submitted and moved through the system to completion.